Термос вакуумний Terra Incognita Bullet 950 мл

Термос вакуумний Terra Incognita Bullet 950 мл

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Terra Incognita Bullet – стильний і практичні вакуумний термос.

Стінки термоса зроблені з легкої, міцною і стійкою до пошкоджень харчової 100% нержавіючої сталі. Вакуумна ізоляція стінок дозволяє зберігати напої гарячими або холодними протягом 24 годин.

Обтічна форма дозволяє без проблем поміщати і витягувати термос з рюкзака.

Внутрішня пластикова різьбова пробка надійно захищає від протікання і дозволяє наливати рідини повністю не розкручуючи її.

Теплоізольована гуртка зберігає напій гарячим і не дасть обпекти руки або губи.

5 відгуків для Термос вакуумний Terra Incognita Bullet 950 мл

  1. John Saddington


    The camera WX300 fits in my shrit pocket and takes a very steady picture.
    The picture quality is better than an iphone. The movies are better than my camcorder. Easy to Wi Fi down load to the computer. Plays great from a Sony blue ray dvd player to a Sony Bravia televison. The charging port / computer port on the camer is smaller than my other Sony cameras.

  2. Eryn Erickson

    Best small camera ever purchases

    The best resolution for distant zoom pictures with low light capability.
    Easy operation. the Wi-Fi is great to transfer pictures to smartphone or tablets then send by text messages, email, and Facebook.
    Never leave home without this super handy high performance camera.
    A lot easier to carry than my Sony Alpha cameras

  3. WP Daily

    Sony Dscwx300

    The Sony DSCWX300 Camera is the worst camera I have ever owned. I had it for less than 3 months and it started to malfuinction…the camera could not take photos. I called Sony and they would not refund my money…it\’s less than 3 months old!!! I have used Sony\’s for a long time and never had a problem…I guess the quality has really dropped!!! Again, I will never buy a Sony again and I would not advise anyone to buy this model !!

  4. 8BIT

    Missing IMPORTANT Feature

    The camera looked like it would be something I\’d really enjoy with it\’s long zoom range and small size. I really like my NEX camera, so I thought this would be a nice pocket camera. BUT, I found two things wrong with the camera. #1, it seems to have a slow processing time. #2, there\’s no way to turn off the \”Auto Preview\” after each picture. The second issue is much more important that the first. I can\’t believe Sony would leave that function out! Oh well, it\’s getting returned today.

  5. Cobus Bester

    Great point/shoot for novices

    This camera is great, it\’s portable, fairly fast, and with great images using auto; this is the camera for people who just don\’t want to think about the image (that\’s what a Nex or dSLR are for), they just want a good image. The wifi feature, connected to your phone for remote pics, is a great feature. My wife didn\’t think she would care about that feature, turns out it\’s her favorite feature. The zoom is great for distance images, and the quality of the images is quite nice, with great color and resolution. The only knock on the camera, is the overall speed of the camera; the camera doesn\’t process images as fast as she would like, but this is a minor complaint on an otherwise great camera.

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